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Trader Details and Power 2023
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Pitch Details

Pitches come with 2 No. Crew Tickets, if you have additional Staff members we will invoice you at £75+VAT for additional tickets.Vans and trailers go behind your stall but all cars must be removed to the car park once unloaded
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Non-Food Traders
Power for non-food stalls will only be available between 8PM - 2AM and for lighting\phone charging only at a cost of £50 for the weekend. Any non-food traders that require 24hr power we can supply you with your own dedicated generator and fuel at cost price just let us know the details below.

Food Traders - We will calculate your power cost based upon the amount you require, if your usage is heavy we will supply you with your own dedicated generator and fuel at cost price. You are welcome to book\bring your own generator and we can supply you with diesel at cost price if you run out - NO PETROL GENERATORS ARE ALLOWED DUE TO OUR FIRE REGULATIONS

Type of Power Required

Dedicated Generator

If you have chosen to have your own dedicated generator tell us the size you require below - These will be supplied at cost price from our hire providers and sited behind your pitch for when you arrive, we will supply you with a copy of the hirers invoice. A deposit will be charged for the fuel contained at cost price with further fuel available again at cost price.

Select Generator size

Food Traders - Power Cost Calculated by The Festival

If you are a Food Trader and have chosen to have your own power cost calculated by us to use a shared generator on a 24hr basis please let us know the appliances you will be using below.

If you Cook on Electric



Select the type(s) of lighting you have

All other Electrical Items

Please list below all other electrical items you will be using on your stall i.e. Kettles, Coffee Machines, Ice Machines, Drinks Coolers etc. It is essential that we have a full list of what you are using ot there may not be sufficient power for you to use them.

Once we have received your form we will send you a quote for your power. Please do not hesitate to contact us in the office on 01803 290864 if you need to discuss or are unsure about any of the questions in the form, we will be more than happy to help you.

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